Contract Number: HSCG23-13-D-ATB045

Period of Performance: 12/31/2012 – 12/30/2017

Available To: All DHS components

Description of Services: Examples of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Analytics / Web-based Reporting Support
  • Budget Execution Support
  • Budgeting and Programming Support
  • Business and Financial Management Support, including Audit and Systems Support
  • Business Case Development Support
  • Business Intelligence Support
  • Capital Planning Support
  • Lifecycle Cost Estimating and Analysis Support
  • Data Integration Support DHS Project Reporting Support
  • Earned Value Management Support
  • Financial Management, Execution, Validation, and Reporting Support
  • Internal Controls Support
  • Strategic, Operational, and Transactional Metric Development Support
  • Studies and Analyses Related to Business, Financial Management, and Audit Services, Including Cost Benefit Analyses

E3 leads a diverse team of proven and trusted small, mid, and large size businesses, as well as two universities and a premier DHS testing and research lab. Team E3 represents every major DHS Component and meets every DHS Socio-economic goal. Our academia partners infuse innovation, technology, and research, while our small and mid-size partners bring niche expertise in a wide range of Domain 2 disciplines.

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Around the Office

The people are amazing, the work we do is amazing, everyone is striving to be their very best and that makes the company an absolutely amazing place to work.
- Robert E., Analyst