McLean, VA – E3 Federal Solutions is pleased to announce the 2017 Annual Employee Award recipients – Marc Dizon, Shanthini Kurian, and Alicia Mundt.

The Ryan McArdle Peer Award recognizes an employee each year for providing excellent service to the client, for helping and supporting fellow employees, and for demonstrating E3’s core values. Ryan McArdle, one of E3's first employees to support one of E3’s GSA clients, passed away unexpectedly. He was a tremendous worker who contributed immensely to the client's mission; as a company, we chose to honor Ryan by naming our Peer Award after him.

Marc Dizon, E3 Senior Associate, was nominated for the Ryan McArdle Peer Award by his colleagues for exemplifying each one of E3’s core values. In addition to his outstanding work supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Marc has participated in several corporate initiatives and business development efforts. He leads by example, holds himself accountable for his team’s actions, encourages transparency, and constantly emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service.

The Igniting Innovation Award is E3’s newest award, which identifies, recognizes, and promotes the best innovations implemented this year in support of E3’s government customer’s mission. Innovation may be correlated to positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, citizen service and mission readiness.

Shanthini Kurian, E3 Senior Associate, designed and created a new Planning and Programming tool for her U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) client. This tool uses traffic, staffing, and functionality inputs to create an initial Program of Requirements (POR) for project planning, based on current Land Port of Entry (LPOE) Design Standards. The initial PORs, which the tool creates, are the baselines that are used to start the planning process for new LPOE projects. Similarly, the tool serves as the starting point for Design Standard Assessments performed by other branches. This complex tool utilizes the Design Standards, building size, staffing, requisite space, costs, and other variables. Shanthini thrived in this innovation because of her extensive programming skills, institutional knowledge about CBP, and vision. 

The E3 Employee of the Year Award recognizes an employee on an annual basis for demonstrating superior performance, for providing excellent support to the client and to E3, and for exemplifying E3’s core values.

Alicia Mundt, E3 Principal, was nominated for the Employee of the Year Award by an E3 Manager for providing invaluable support to a program at the General Services Administration (GSA). She has been praised by her clients and peers as one of the top Instructional Systems Designers on the program. Throughout 2017, she actively supported various proposal efforts and corporate initiatives, including management offsite and corporate All-Hands preparation, trainings, Mentor Program, E3 Blog, and E3 Cares. Alicia is dedicated, passionate, energetic and positive.   

“We received several nominations in each category that were all deserving of the awards, which made the selection process very difficult,” said Kathleen Sober, E3’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). She continued, “Congratulations to the 2017 award nominees and recipients!”

E3 Annual Award recipients from previous years are as follows:

Ryan McArdle Peer Award                         Employee of the Year Award     

Yen Nguyen, 2010                                        Amy Burson, 2010

Vincent Chung, 2011                                    Drew Makar, 2011           

Matt Patrick, 2012                                        Kristin Walsh, 2012         

Ryan Hall, 2013                                           Kristina Orsini, 2013        

Thomas Eckl, 2014                                      Roger Shields, 2014         

Kelley Flores, 2015                                      Ashley Thomas, 2015     

Carrie Jowers, 2016                                     Kelley Flores, 2016           

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