E3 will be a recognized leader in the management consulting community that both federal agencies and industry partners value doing business with. We will be an organization that offers both our employees and clients an exceptional experience; our culture will be contagious, while always maintaining a genuine reputation.   


Exceptional Experience

  • Our employees will experience the ability to learn, grow, and further their professional development at any stage of their career
  • We will be our clients’ most trusted advisor, providing honest assessments and thoughtful recommendations to solve their most challenging issues
  • We will provide our clients with an unmatched experience, including the delivery of high quality products, highly-talented individuals, and a relentless pursuit of excellence

Contagious Culture

  • We will be an employer of choice, offering an exciting and challenging work environment for everyone
  • Our employees will help each other succeed because of our common set of core values, goals, and shared perspective
  • We will work hard together and also play hard together, creating a culture of community 
  • Our continued enthusiasm and dedication to excellence will be contagious

Genuine Reputation

  • Our clients will truly appreciate the value we bring to their organization, we will rarely be the most or least expensive partner, but we will always deliver exceptional results
  • We will know our clients  and their challenges; we will work diligently to make them successful, while not seeking the spotlight in the process
  • Our partners will say we are a great company to work with, both as a prime and a subcontractor, because we offer a fair, dependable, and genuine partnership 

Around the Office

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The Office at work
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E3’s culture is a lot like traveling abroad. Until you experience it for yourself, you really have no idea and zero contextual understanding.
- Jonathan F., Manager in DoD